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BKP Marketing provides marketing photography on the Gulf Coast

Services include social media marketing, real estate and property photography in Destin, San Destin, 30A, Panama City Beach, Pensacola, Mirimar Beach, Orange Beach, and beyond.


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I started my adventure as a commercial photographer while living in Japan were at the time I was a finical counselor. I would leave my office every Friday and travel somewhere new, take photos and fell in love not only the travel but photography too. Throughout my travels, I had found my calling for photography. After a year, I quit my job, and I enrolled in the New York Institute of photography, and this is where I started my great adventure as a photographer.

I was living my dream and still due to this day. I was able to do an internship under some great commercial photographers in Tokyo. During this time, I carried there equipment up mountains, set up lighting, and learned as much as I could. Knowing I only had two years before we would move back to the states. I was still traveling every weekend, but now it was to photography for local travel companies. This experience set me up to be the photographer I am today.
Moving back to the states, I was able to take my knowledge from not only my education but my experience working in Tokyo under the photographers. In VA, I started to work on my own. I did a lot of portraits working with the schools and sports teams. This is where I hone my skills in photoshop. I was able to build my clientele just in time to move again. Being a military family, we move often and live around the world.

Our next stop was in Germany and back to what I love to do travel photography. With not only the connections I had made in Japan with the travel industry, but I was also able to work with a local travel magazine photographing some of the most beautiful parts of the world.

After 23 years of being a military family, it was time for my husband to move on from the military. This time it was my turn to pick where we would go next. We made a move to NYC. I started working for an import company photographing just about everything you could buy online. I was able to hone my skills in photoshop, working in marketing, and advertising. I photographed everything property to the product. I was able to work with several restraints showcasing their menus, making their food look as good as it tastes. I work with book authors on their book covers. I was doing and learning something new every day.
I was able to collaborate with other great artists and photographers.

Now it has come to the time for our last move and come back to the Gulf Coast to put my feet in the sand and feel the sun on my face. I have now brought all my knowledge and travels to Navarre. I couldn’t ask to be in a better place. I work from Orange Beach to 30 A doing everything from real estate to restraints using all my knowledge from around the world to make the small business look good.


Mission Statement

Here at BKP Marketing, we bring our experiences around the world and make your small business look good Your company’s image and how people see you on social media and print is everything. We produce high quality commercial images for your small business personalized to your business and how you would like to promote it.

Our goal is to help you grow and make you look good doing it.

Brenda Popovitz
Photographer, BKP Marketing
Phone: 646-377-1356
E-mail: bkp@bkpphoto.com