At BKP Studios, we aim to make you look good, especially during the holiday season! Elevate your holiday marketing and photography with these five tips to ensure your visuals not only capture the festive spirit but also enhance your brand image.


1.Use what you have: 

  Tap into the wealth of images you already have in holiday colors. Enhance them by seamlessly integrating holiday graphics into your advertising materials. This amplifies the festive vibe and strengthens your brand recognition, making you stand out.

2.Capture Timeless Moments:

   Capture timeless holiday moments without elements that could date your photos, and steer clear of elements that might timestamp your photos, such as visible dates or temporary signage, ensuring enduring relevance for years.

3.Get up close and personal.

  Focus on the details that matter instead of capturing the entire scene. Highlight the single ornament, emphasizing its unique design and emotional resonance. This personal touch enhances the authenticity of your visuals.

4.Leave negative space for your positive message:

Leaving intentional negative space in your photographs. This creates a clean canvas for your positive message or product to take center stage, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

5. Staying Organized

Organization is crucial. Consider using an external hard drive to store all your marketing materials for easy access. Regularly update your online storage and give images clear, precise names for effortless accessibility when needed..

Let BKP Studios elevate your brand this holiday season with captivating visuals that showcase the festive magic and make you look good. Stay organized, stay timeless, and let us capture the essence of your holiday spirit. Happy holidays from BKP Studios!